RUTX50 unsable and constantly drops mobile connection

I have used the RUTX50 at a remote site, using only mobile connection for about a year. It is connected to an external Pioynting directional antenna.
The ruter was relatively stable untill Deceber/January of 2023. After that it has been a nightmare, constantly dropping off the mobile connection and at times unable to show internally connected devices on lan in the ip tables.
The network logs shows drop-off’s as often as evry other minute to once evry two houers.
The connection is appearently stable and good. I have a dual connection (LTE B20) and 5G N28 with values ranging from RSRP: -84 - -77, RSRQ: -6 - -11, SINR: 17 - 19.
No changes were made to setup nor configuration prior to the decline in performance.
However, from the logs, it seems the router did an automatic firmware upgrade around that time.
After that, I have manually installed the latest firmware, RUTX_R_00.07.06.3. Internal modem firmware is: RG501QEUAAR12A08M4G_04.200.04.200.
As mentioned the router is at an off-grid, remote site. At the state it is in now, it is totally unreliable.
I see others in this forum has had similar issues.
Please advice! If this is a F.W.-related issue, please post upgraderd functioning FW.
As many others, I boght this expencive, top -shelf router in order to have a stabile and reliable Internet connection. It seems I got the most unreliable imaginable.
@teltonika please step up, take responsibility. Take action!

seem a lot of us started having connection issues at the same time december/january when it was stable before having made no changes to config. I feel your pain, an expensive brick now. What network are you connecting to btw?

I’m in Norway and the Network is Telia.
It is at an off grid cabin with several devices for monitoring an energy system, pre-heating, cameras, etc.
Have been using a TP-link router prior to the Teltonika RUTX50. It was installed with a Poynting X-POL 5G LTE 4x4 MIMO last year in March. It was less stable than the cheap TP-link untill December, but since then it has been a disaster.
In addition to the mobile connection drops, the router freezes, the wifi regurarly shuts down and devises on wired LAN are constantly breaking. Upon reeboot, they randomly appear back or they don’t.
I see that many others have the issue with unresponsive router/mobile connection drop. Does anybody else have issues with the LAN side?


I was having same issue with Mobile connection (Latvia, Tele2 operator) but it looks like for last 24h it is stable. Still trying to figure this out.

Regarding freezes at low temperature - I have same issue with RUT360, when temperature is heading towards 0C router hangs completely once every 2-3 days - lights are not blinking and interfaces are unreachable from the network. In Linux terminology looks like Segfault.

What is your power source? Is this off-grid installation?

p.s. RUTX50, for now, only sits on my “testing” stand inside the office.

Thanks for the advice @teltonika1love .
The sorroundings at the off-grid place are quite cold whwn I’m not there, however the dropouts has been just as fequent the last five times while beeing there with normal inndoor heat.
The power source is a large 48V lithium battery bank, throug a high-end voltage regulater from Victron Energy, stepping down the voltage from 48V nominal to a stable 12V. There are several other electronic devices connected to it, none are having any issues.
Regarding Segfaut, I am not to familiar with the programming terminology, but assume this is a faulty code resulting in system freeze. Both this assumption, and the fact that the router were functioning OK (e.g. moderate amounts of freeze) prior to the firmware upgrade in December makes me assume that the issue is related to faulty firware. This is an isse ue Teltonica needs to address ASAP. They can start by commeting on this thread with information on when functioning firmware will be available.

So your router is staying inside (it’s warm enough, 10C+)? I also have victron system but everything is 12V (+ 12V/230V inverter)
I’m asking because :

  1. I know that teltonikas power supplies are(were?) shite and very sensitive to voltage changes.
    I have 2 dead RUT360 power supplies (technically they are not dead but they started to act really strange after 5-6 month of usage - causing voltage spikes in 230V network and forcing Victron inverter to reboot/reset. )
    After that I’ve connected RUT360 directly to the 12V bus and everything works fine when it’s warm enough. Router is outside in electrical box.

  2. I’m planning to experiment more with power sources this year + I’ve bought separate antenna/enclosure for RUT360 specifically - qumax A360M (from quwireless). Regarding power I’ll try to power it via passive poe 30w/24v from UBNT.

p.s. at the moment router is in my office for the last 4 month and had no “freezes” issue during that time.

p.p.s. Regarding teltonikas reaction - I believe they read almost everything but can’t reproduce it.
Teltonika, are you running temperature experiments with your routers in some sort of special freezer (with both temperature drops and Humidity fluctuation) ?

Thank you again for your reply, @teltonika1love

Like you, I have wired power to the RUTX50 on the DC-side of the batteries, not via 230VAC on the inverter side. The voltage is regulated by a Victron Orion-Tr 48 I 12-30A. This should provide stable voltage. So the router is on a circuit that is allways on.

As for temperatures and humidity. The router is wall mounted inside the off-grid cabin. During winter, in periodes when the place is uninhabited, the temperature inside will drop below 0 °C. But this should not be a problem, according to the specs. (-40 °C to 75 °C). The humidity are well within normal specs. However iit ould be interessting to get feedback from testing the device in low temperatures.

As for the outside enclosure with high IP-rating, I wish that could be an option for the RUTX50. It would bring the router closer to the antenna, reducing signal loss, and opened the possibilities of just routing to a central switch.
Unless Teltonika releases a stable firmware in the menantime, on the next visit, I have to replace the RUTX50 with the old 4G/LTE router, setting me back one year.

Awnsering my own thread.

The RUTX50 crashes/goes down continually.
However I have noticed it does not seem random.
Look at the timestamps for Request reboot. It is exactly 120 minutes between the drops.
I see the same pattern further back in time. Last24H, 48H, etc.
Does this make any sense, and cout it lead to pin-pointing the root cause?

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