RUTX50 Tailscale VPN - can't use Exit Node

I managed to get the Tailscale VPN running with the help from TAILSCALE ON RUTX11 VPN VIA EXIT-NODE and the tailscale0 hack.
If connected I can ping every outside device (Android 14 phone) and can access all my devices in the local network through the RUTX50 from the phone.
I configured the RUTX50 to be an exit node and set the ‘Advertise routes’ to my local net:
On the tailscale admin page I confirmed the subnets and the exit node for the RUTX50.

The last thing to solve is the access from my Android phone to the internet if it is connected to Tailscale.
How do I do this? Do I need some special firewall rules?
Thanks in advance.

Kind regards, Martin

Sorry, found the solution. On the android device you have to confirm the exit node usage.

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