RUTX50 SQM and/or QOS setup for gaming

My RUTX50 is up to date in terms of firrmware and I am running a 400/100 5G NSA connect since SA is not yet available where I live in Finland.

I know that a mobile connection is not optimal when it comes to online gaming. Our son plays online and says the connection quality isn’t greate, a low or fluctuating ping rate or perceivable lag or so he tells me. Often he will just switch to a USB tethered connection on his phone which has a 4G connection from the same ISP. That’s not ideal either but better sometimes that the router he claims…

Anyway in order to try and optimise the connection that we have would it be possible at all to e.g. assign a LAN client a fixed IP and then using SQM or QOS make sure that the internet connection of that client has priority? I’m not assuming this would fix anything but would be willing to try.

I have installed QOS and have read through RUTX50 Traffic Shaping - Teltonika Networks Wiki but am not sure which solution would work best.


Yes, I would suggest using SQM in this case. Of course, there’s no guarantee that there will be much improvement as it depends on the quality of your internet connection, but it’s worth trying. Here’s what I would recommend:

Run a few speed tests on your PC and note down the upload/download speeds. Navigate to a Bufferbloat testing webpage here. Run a few tests and take note of the final bufferbloat grade you get.

Then, access your RUTX50 and navigate to Network → Traffic Shaping → SQM. Create a new instance and select qmimux (mobile) interface. Set download/upload speeds to 85% of what you were getting in the speed tests. I would also suggest going to the advanced tab and choosing cake/piece_of_cake.

Apply the settings and run a few Bufferbloat tests again. Take note of the grades you get. Then, try lowering the download/upload speed in SQM again and run the tests. Continue to experiment until you find a balance between improved bufferbloat grades and acceptable internet speeds. A better grade of bufferbloat should indicate more stable connectivity with lower latency and jitter.

Let me know about the results!

Kind Regards,

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