RUTX50 sometimes just stops working

I just recently set up a new 4G/5G connection with a RUTX50.

It has occured twice now that it just stopped sending data through. I cannot see anything wrong on the WebUI. I just shows as connected, with good signal strength etc. But it is not possible to ping anything on the internet.

It only starts working when I manually restart the connection on the WebUI (well I waited about 5 minutes each time).

Firmware RUTX_R_00.07.04.5

Occured on approx. 04-08-2023 15:56 CET. I have the troubleshooting file here, but as a new user I cannot seem to upload it.

Was it doing this before your very recent firmware update?

Noticed that there is a firmware update, but before updating, i thought i’d see if anybody was having any issues with it.

One occurrence before and one after, if I recall correctly. The first time something like this happens I never remember to write down timestamps, save logs, etc. :slight_smile:

I’m sure that someone will help further after the weekend. It’s also peak holiday season too, so you may experience a delay as i’m sure a good number of people are on holiday inc employees at Teltonika.

Does the issue occur after a prolonged period of inactivity?

Thanks. Yeah, I’m hoping for some help here, but there is no huge urgency (yet).

There was plenty of activity both of the times this happened. The latest time I noticed it when using data on my phone via this network.

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