RUTX50 SMS Notification Firmware Request

Receiving a text (Working well) and or an email (Broken, not working) when the router reboots / starts up is nice. However, one or more texts / emails a day is a little tooooo much, perhaps.

But what would be even better would be the option to receive a text and or an email on startup after an unexpected shutdown such as an unexpected power outage only. A very nice addition would be acknowledgement that a connected USB drive remounted without error after the unexpected shutdown.

Admin would be informed only when an unexpected startup took place, which could then be investigated.

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This was already added in the 7.07 firmware version as you can see from the changelog:

Events Reporting: added unexpected shutdown event

Although RUTX doesn’t have 7.07 firmware at the moment so you need to wait a bit. I saw this change for TRB500 - TRB500 Firmware Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki


As @pwsh explained, it’s implemented in the 7.07 firmware.

Regarding acknowledgment of successful USB device remount, this is a very niche feature, but we’ll keep it in mind as one of the possibilities for future features.

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Thank you @Marijus,

I’m assuming that a mounted USB drive is gracefully dismounted when the router is rebooted. This won’t happen when there is a power outage and the USB Drive could be damaged and or the file system etc could become corrupted.

Remotely knowing that it’s OK after power is restored after an unexpected shutdown would be nice to know.

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