RUTX50 sending SMS with GPS coordinates over cli (script)

I need to send SMS with GPS coordinates within a shell script.
Which command(s) do I need to use to send this SMS?

BTW: is it possible to send a email with the GPS coordinates at all?

Thanks a lot!

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ist there no way to accomplish this?


Here’s simple script to send sms

lat=$(gpsctl -i) #get latitude
long=$(gpsctl -x ) #get longitude
gsmsctl -S -s "+3700000000 lat $lat long $long" # sms sending


Thank you for getting in touch. I’ve developed a customized script for transmitting GPS coordinates via SMS.

To send emails, you can refer to the information provided in this link: Sending emails via command line - Teltonika Networks Wiki

  • Connect the device: Connect to your device using Putty.

  • Open the script file using the vi-text editor.

vi /sbin/
  • Create Script: Copy and paste the following script into the text editor:

# Get latitude
LATITUDE=$(gpsctl -i)

# Get longitude
LONGITUDE=$(gpsctl -x)

# Check if both latitude and longitude are available
if [ -n "$LATITUDE" ] && [ -n "$LONGITUDE" ]; then
    # Your logic to handle the GPS coordinates

    # Create a Google Maps link

    # Add your SMS sending logic here
    # For example, using gsmctl
    gsmctl -S -s "+97156xxxxx GPS Coordinates: $GPS_COORDINATES. Location: $MAPS_LINK"
    echo "Error: GPS coordinates not available."

  • Save the File: After editing the script, save the changes and exit the text editor.
    In vi, press Esc, then type:wq and press Enter.

  • Make the Script Executable: Ensure the script is executable by running the following command.

 chmod +x /sbin/

  • Executed the following command for testing purposes.

Test Result:



thank you both !
This works like charm!
It helped me a lot.

I need to that to send the coordinates periodically. Not every time on every day but on request.
As an example: If I leave my camper I like to switch on the periodic sms send script and as soon as I come back Iike to switch it off.

Of course the periodic send will be accomplished by a crontab entry.
For the switch (on/off) I would wish a possibility on the UI or/and better within the iOS App.
Is there such a possibility?

Thanks a lot for your support!


If you don’t require a script, you have the option to directly send an SMS to the SIM number within the router. The router will then provide the GPS coordinates in response.

Router-Password gps


Hi Mahmoud,
thanks for your reply.
My problem is, that the ‘primary’ SIM are a Multisim of my main phone SIM. This SIM doesn’t accept SMS. Therefore I use a second SIM (for SMS only - without any data amount) which I periodically switch to primary and then send the mentioned SMS with the coordinates. After that I switch again to the first SIM to proceed with data. I use a RUTX50 which do not use both SIMs in parallel… unfortunately.

Based on this, I like to use a switch, which enable the periodic trigger of that script until it is switched off again. (Default on startup should be: Switched on).

Thanks for your support

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