RUTX50, second configuration options

Hi there, I’m currently using my RUTX50 with great success as a mobile broadband router.
I’m hoping to explore the option to set it up to connect to a third party wifi network and use it for connection.
I see that I will have to change some settings and I’m wondering if I can save my current configuration and create another configuration for connecting to a third party wifi network.?
Is this possible and is it easy to switch between configurations?

Regards Padraic


If you need to switch between different configurations, you have the option to use profiles. With profiles, you can create distinct setups and switch between them as needed. Moreover, there’s a scheduling option available to automate profile switching based on your requirements. For more detailed information, I recommend visiting our wiki page here.

However, if your goal is to utilize multiple WAN interfaces (different internet sources, such as a mobile connection and a WiFi connection to another Access Point), I’d suggest exploring the failover feature. This feature enables you to designate one of these interfaces as the primary connection (e.g., WiFi) and the other as a failover (mobile). In this scenario, the device will prioritize the WiFi connection when it’s available, but if the WiFi connection isn’t accessible, the RUTX50 will switch to using the mobile connection.

Failover information can be found here. There is also a YouTube video available here.

Let me know if you encounter any issues!

Kind Regards,

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