RUTx50 safe directories

In this post here I explained that I needed to patch the sms-utilities binary to remove the automatically generated status message being appended to my constructed message.

With the installation of the v7.07 fw the edited binary was overwritten by the update. This was expected so I took precautions to save my binary elsewhere and also with a different name in the original directory before the update.

However, after the update all of my extra files were gone. Even the file with a different name. This suggests that some of the directories are rebuild with no concern of any extra files.

I would like to know which directories are being rebuilt after an update so that I can have backup files in a safe place.

With v7.07 the sms-utilities still appends an extra status message to the user scripts sms output and there is still no way of not sending any message at all as soon as a user script is run. How can I intercept sms messages before the sms-utilities does? Do I have to create a wrapper?

Put the name of the files / directories you want to preserve in /etc/sysupgrade.conf.