RUTX50 > reuse vland id 1 and 2

I am in situation where we want RUTX50 to replace an existing Moxa router in a solar plant (as a PoC).
There is a downstream layer 2 Moxa switch already configured with vlan id 1 and 2, this switch connects to the upstream Moxa router using a single cable to LAN1. The Moxa router does all the routing and firewalling. More than 400 plant devices are connected downstream to the Moxa switch.

What we have discovered is that RUTX50 by default uses vlan id 1 and 2 (for eth0 and eth1?). When we try to use vlan id 1 and 2 with RUTX50, everything fails, no matter how we configure it.

Is this a deal breaker for us? We cannot reconfigure the plant to use different vlans, there are 100s of devices to be reconfigured.

Here are some screenshots of how we tried to configure the RUTX50.


The system itself uses VLANs 1 and 2. Those are essentially binded to the LAN and WAN ports of the device through the driver. As a result, achieving this through configurations isn’t feasible. Even if it is possible, it would be a complex task that would likely require firmware changes.

Is this absolutely necessary in your case?

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