RUTx50 Reboots at poor cellular signal

Performing some test with the RUTX50, with two simcards from different providers.
With one of the providers, there are quite bad reception where im located.

Having only one simcard active at the time. For the sim with bad reception:
Doing some tests in an elevator, and as soon as the reception is too poor, the router reboots.

Network Type as “5G/4G/3G auto”
No Auto Reboot, neiother Ping noor Scheduler.

Running RUTX_R_00.07.06.5

Can you upgrade your router to firmware 07.07.1 and test again?

RUTX50 Firmware Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki

And if you’re in ‘testing mode’ anyway, perform a factory reset after upgrading to 07.07.1 as there are tons of changes in between all those versions on the way.


As @Tewe mentioned, you can upgrade your firmware without selecting “keep settings” and then try running the router.

You can also try the SIM switching functionality since you have 2 SIM cards. It switches to the active SIM if no connection is present. You can read more about it in our wiki: RUTX50 Mobile - SIM Switch

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