RUTX50 - Rebooting and gracefull dismounting

I have a USB drive connected to the USB port of the device that’s being used as a network hard drive within the LAN.

The router is configured to reboot at 07.00hrs and 18.30hrs daily.

I occasionally (more than most) suffer power cuts.

This last few days i’ve had a couple of power cuts. On one occasion when power was restored it took 3/4hr for the router to boot up! After which no internet access was possible and i couldn’t log in to the router at all, it didn’t respond to a text to reboot either. But it did receive the text though.

I simply powered off the router, waited 5 mins or more and turned it back on again and all was well.

When a reboot takes place either by manually requesting a reboot, after a firmware update or via a schedule to reboot, does the router gracefully dismount the USB drive before shutdown?

On restarting, does the router test for a healthy USB drive file system / partition etc before remounting?

If the USB drive’s file system or partitions have errors, will the router try to repair before mounting?

FIRMWARE UPDATE REQUEST: Is it possible to have a way or means to ‘Shutdown’ the router and gracefully dismount the USB drive safely, either and or by text or by clicking / tapping on a ‘Shutdown Button’ within the WUI. There are times and situations where a graceful shutdown would be better than just switching it off / unplugging!!!

Just done it again, this time I haven’t had a power cut.

Just over an hour after a scheduled reboot I had no Internet access and I could not get the login page via an ethernet cable connected desktop PC. Sent a text to ask for a status with no reply. Sent a text to reboot, router did not reboot nor reply.

Powered off router and back on, all working as expected. Router received the two texts.

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