RUTX50 real two SIM Modems or only One Modem with two slots

I bought an RUTX50 under the impression it will be able to combine the power of two 5G SIM cards simultaneously. Now, it seems like the second Slot is only for the purpose of a failing connection in slot one. Is this assumption correct. If so honestly It feels a little bit like a fraud, cause this is not what I spent all this money for.

Yes, you are correct.

RUTX12 is what you’re looking for.

RUTX12 Dual Cat 6 Cellular Router

It says “Two cellular modems for dual simultaneous connections”.
LTE only though.

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When discussing the RUTX50, it’s important to note that while it has 2 SIM card slots, it only contains 1 modem. This means that both SIM cards cannot be used simultaneously.
As mentioned by TeWe_B, if you require a router capable of utilizing 2 SIM cards concurrently, you’ll need a device equipped with dual modems. Currently, the RUTX12 is the only device available with this capability. However, please be aware that it operates on 4G (LTE) Cat 6 connection, not 5G.

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Sorry the router RUTX have only 1 schedule modem

RUTX50 has 1 (one) modem, RUTX12 has 2 (two) modems.
RUTX50 is LTE + 5G, RUTX12 is LTE only.
RUTX12 can use 2 (two) modems at the same time.

The RUTX50 have a openwrt S.O.? and have the package to download to add another functions?

If you mean OpenWRT OS - then yes, RutOS is based on OpenWRT.
See RUTX50 expansion packages here:

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