RUTX50 range optimization

Hi, we are using the TELTONIKA RUTX50 in a mobile situation with 12V DC.
2 WiFi Antennas (POYNTING OMNI-785 omni-directional, dual-band Wi-Fi antenna) are connected through a 30cm standard SMA cable.
Wifi Power is set to 100%, Mode N
Both 2G and 5G WiFi are active

Maximum outdoor range for 2G is 80m.
What can we do to maximize the range, at least for 2G WiFi?

Should we disable 5G WiFi?
Can you suggest a different antenna?

Are you getting your mobile and your WiFi signals / antennas mixed up?

The POYNTING OMNI-785 antennas are to establish a mobile communication with any available Mobile Phone Masts nearby only.

What antennas are you using for your WiFi? Are you using the supplied WiFi antennas or something you have purchased?

You’ll have received two different types of antennas when you bought the router. 4x mobile antennas and 2x WiFi antennas. Two different wireless technologies. Check to see which ports you have connected up the various antennas too. The POYNTING OMNI-785 antennas need to be connected up two the 4x mobile ports to get your mobile broadband connection. You’ll need two, use the two WiFi antennas to connect two the WiFi ports to get your various devices connected to the router.

I’m guessing that you’re mobile, but it would seem that you’re wanting to connect various WiFi devices to the router further away from an otherwise stationary vehicle, having perhaps arrived at a place of work. The WiFi antennas in this situation would be best placed outside the vehicle (Metal Box) to extend WiFi coverage further away from the vehicle.

Hi, according to the datasheet, the OMNI-785 is an omni-directional RP-SMA, dual-band Wi-Fi antenna, not for mobile networks. I am using this antenna for WiFi.
For mobile I am using the 4 supplied antennas.


Your current range with the POYNTING OMNI-785 omnidirectional antennas, boasting a 4 dBi gain, is quite good. Typically, 2.4GHz Wireless isn’t used for distances beyond 90-100 meters due to significant signal degradation over longer distances.

In your situation, you could consider turning off the 5GHz wireless, but it would have a minimal impact. Using different antennas with higher dBi gain could help, but the improvement wouldn’t be substantial.

I suggest looking into directional 2.4GHz wireless antennas, which can offer around 20 dBi gains. However, keep in mind that they are directional, meaning they only work effectively in the direction they’re pointed toward.

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Thank you very much for the fast reply!

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Oooops! When i initially googled your POYNTING OMNI-785 antenna i got something very different first time, sorry, my mistake.

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