RUTX50, pppoe over Zyxel VMG3006-D70A

we want to connect the RUTX50 with pppoe over Zyxel VMG3006-D70A to Internet german telekom.
It should be no problem, but it will not connect. DSL line is no problem, is conncted to Zyxel Modem very well. But something mit pppoe seems to be wrong. We have to use some VLAN in the Advanced settings? We have tested mit VLAN7 Prio0, but is still not working .
Has anybody some ideas?
Many thanks !

this is the solution:
You have to activate with “Deutsche Telekom” the option to convert VLAN7 to default VLAN and vice versa in the Zyxel modem.
The option for VLAN in the advanced settings in the RUTX50 menu is not working and wrong labeled.

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