RUTX50 - Possible Network Type Error

Firmware 07.07.1

Since updating to latest firmware Network Type displays incorrectly insofar as it clearly says 5G NSA but i’m only connected to two 4G bands or vice versa of course.

This is happening all the time, it always says 5G NSA even when inactive!


There may be an issue with accurately showing the current active Network Type. What are the data connection speeds when connected to 5G without carrier aggregation?

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I’m assuming that you are asking me what my download speed is when it says that my Network Type says 5G NSA but shows the bands as 4G LTE?

Is this correct?

I do get a 5G band as below, but it always shows Network Type as 5G NSA.

As soon as i get bumped off the 5G band, i’ll do a speed test.

Speed test when i get a 5G band is satisfactory.

Having waited until i have a single inactive LTE B3 band even though it continues to say that the network type is 5G NSA i have performed a speed test.

The trouble is as soon as i start a speed test i am immediately given a 5G N1 band and the speed is satisfactory for a 5G NSA connection.

Network Type never changes down from a 5G NSA state even though my connection becomes inactive on a single LTE B3 band

It is possible that you are connecting to a 4G tower that serves as an anchor for 5G bands located on a nearby (or distant) neighboring tower

In fact, it is, because in your last picture you can see a different PCI, which points to the neighboring tower.

Because with 5G NSA, you can get 4G bands from one tower and 5G bands from another

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Up to and including firmware version R_00.07.06.10 the Network Type Field used to change up and down frequently depending on demand.

Having upgraded to firmware version R_00.07.07.1, this no longer happens. It always says 5G (NSA) even though the bands being used change to LTE bands only and even when inactive.

On the, Network > Mobile > General page, when i change the setting from 5G/4G/3G Auto to 4G Only, the Network Type field changes to 4G LTE-A as i would expect it to and my download speed suffers.

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