RUTX50 NTFS not fully supported

When will Teltonics start using ntfs-3g so we can write to the disk ?

Why NTFS? Moving material from PC to DISK and share from the Teltonika.
Why not using EX4 not supported by windows.

So please update the ntfs driver in Teltonika to ntfs-3g so its fully supports NTFS.


This functionality isn’t widely used among our users, so it wouldn’t be appropriate to install it by default. However, since RUTOS is based on OpenWRT (Linux), you can add this functionality yourself if you wish.

Here’s the package that should work for what you’re looking for: NTFS-3G

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I understand some people don’t understand that they can use Teltonika as a File station.

Kids can watch movies and stuff during drive without using internet. (check your legal rights :slight_smile: )
But it’s so great, why don’t upgrade the package to handle NTFS-3G is just laziness from Teltonika.

And on mobile juts install VLC and enter network to play the movies you converted or DL without any usage of internet…

Samba share is a great feature from teltonika, they just need to keep it updated !!!

root@RUTX50:/usr/fableman# opkg -e /etc/opkg/openwrt/distfeeds.conf install ntfs-3g

Installing ntfs-3g (2017.3.23-6-fuseint) to root…


Configuring ntfs-3g.

Create ‘/etc/filesystems’.

Add ‘ntfs-3g’ to known filesystems.

Collected errors:

  • pkg_hash_check_unresolved: cannot find dependency kernel (= 5.4.143-1-d04d8d4d6f3bad7588be7c9e49004fda) for kmod-fuse

Looks like the firmware of RUTX50 kernel is to old.

In order to add kernel modules you need to build them yourself using the SDK and flash your custom firmware.

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