RUTX50 no webgui

The last thing I did when I was in my off-grid summer house was to update my RUTX50. I wouldn’t have done that. After the update, I could no longer access my router via the webgui. Everything else seems to work but it refuses mine to connect to which is my router.
Is everything done now so I have to reset it or can my settings be saved?

Can you check if the box is accessible at which is its default address?
Maybe it somehow reverted to this address during/after the update?


As you mentioned that you cannot access the router’s WebUI, have you tried accessing it via SSH? You can connect to your router using SSH by following the instructions on CLI.

Let me know how it goes!

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I’ll try there next time I’m there.


Please keep me updated on how it goes! Thank you.

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SSH works fine on But really don’t know what to do now

I managed to update my firmware but the result is the same no difference = no webgui

So if you have SSH access to you can reset your RUTX50 to factory defaults:

RUTX50 Device Recovery Options - Teltonika Networks Wiki

Yes, device will need to be configured again, but at least it should be accessible again on its WebGUI on address

I that worth trying?

I did that and it worked fine.

Okay sweet :slight_smile:
So you can go ahead and re-configure your box as needed (I assume put it back to as before) and you should be fine.

Can you do that - test WebGUI access again - and give a final ‘thumbs up’?

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