RUTX50 - No option for 4G+5G only

After upgrade to last firmware I loss in GUI option to select 4G+5G only mode… Can exist CLI command to restrict work without 3G? When my RUTX50 down connection to 3G they hangup transmition (only SMS work). Please help me.

I noticed this also and I would like to have old 5G/4G option available.
I would much rather like modem not to connect at all than try to use 3G, since data rates on 3G networks are not enough for my needs.

Please Teltonika, bring back this selection to future updates.

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yes, Teltronika please return this option! It’s important for regions where operators begin switch off 3G and refarming channels.In this cases when modem down to 3G they stop transmission (it stay registered in network, sms work but no data)

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You can do a workaround with the bands: select all 5G and 4G bands. Then select 3G band which is not supported by operator - this will exclude 3G service, because there won’t be available band.

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