RUTX50 Network configurations

Hello all,
I have recently upgraded the boat to a RUTX50, and I have a couple questions on the network/wifi configuration. The idea is to have a main “lan” network (with a admin wifi) with all the boat’s devices on it, and a “guest” one, with wifi, for people to connect to. This second one shouldn’t be able to communicate with “lan” apart from a few specific ip/ports.
Now, I have everything mostly working, but I do have a couple of questions:
until i switched both interfaces to bridge mode, wifi devices were not getting any ip from the dhcp servers, and even now the dhcp servers seems to randomly stop working fow wifi devices until a reboot. Why is bridge mode needed? And why might it be unreliable?
Is this the correct way of doing this (attaching pictures)
I am on firmware
Thank you

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I just want to make sure that you understand the difference between bridging and routing?

Routing is passing data packets between separate, but connected networks.

Bridging is creating one logical network from separate networks.

In the scenario you describe bridging should be off.

Exactly how you configure things depends on if your guest network is ‘only’ wifi or a mix of wifi and wired ethernet clients?

yes that was my understanding, which is why I don’t understand why without bridging it doesn’t seem to work (specifically it’s the ip assignment that fails/never occurs, i.e. clients fail to get ips). The guest network is wifi only, with some firewall rules to open ports on specific hosts of the lan network, which is both wifi and wired.

Why is bridge mode needed?
Without bridge mode you can attach network interface only to one device. In example “guests” (wlan1).
When you are configuring VLAN with ethernet ports and attaching two radios (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) under the hood you are connecting at least 3 devices for example: (eth0, wlan0, wlan1). So the bridge is necessary to connect all of them into one group.

And why might it be unreliable?
Which exact part is unreliable? what does not work? you can check logs in System->Maintenance->Troubleshoot->System log
Is this the correct way of doing this (attaching pictures)
Yes, looks good.

P.S. you can check DHCP server status in Network->DHCP->Server settings

Ahh I see. I was missing the part where the various frequency were actually separate interfaces.
I say unreliable because the other day it stopped working again until a reboot. If it happens again I will check (and attach) the log. Even when I was having the problem the dhcp server status was good, which is why I was confused.
On another note, I am pretty sure this is a known bug (can’t find the link now), but the fact that even in load balancing mode (wan(starlink) and sim1; 2 to 1 ratio) the sim is shown as “standby” is wrong, correct?

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