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I want ask you one things about speed connection of Teltonika RUTX50. I got my modem 3 day’s ago and I did some test to understand how it work.

Unfortunately I don’t understand why compared to my IPhone 12 Pro the modem doesn’t get the same speed of my smartphone in the same location.

We are in Turin (Italy) with Tim operator, with iPhone 12 Pro I got 750 mbit download and 100 mbit upload in 5G (I think nsa)

With my modem on B1-B3-B7 band just 250/300 mbit in download and 70/80 mbit in upload on 5G nsa network

What I am wrong with the configuration?



My friend and I tested RUTX50 working with 5G NSA that is working by combining 3 LTE bands and we are able to reach an average speeds of 500MBPS but it is not constant since there are multiple factors that can affect the signal parameters such as the load of the network, number of users, obstructions and lots more.

Moving forward for the comparison between RUTX50 and IPhone 12 pro. They are using a different LTE category if I am correct RUTX50 is using LTE CAT 20 and IPhone 12 Pro is using LTE CAT 24 standards.

I hope this clarify you question :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply.

Just to know it is a good things put two antenna like this or is better one single antenna 5G combo 4x4 mimo with 4 SMA connector? I mean the model not the pointing :blush:


It’s always better to use a single antenna with 4x4 MIMO capabilities, as the manufacturer has accounted that there will be 4 antennas. However, as the market does not contain many 4x4 MIMO 5G antennas, using 2 separate antennas should also be fine. Just make sure that they support frequencies of 3600MHz, as this is the upper limit for the mid-band 5G in the EU that the RUTX50 supports.
If you are looking for a all-in-one solution, I’d suggest checking out the QuMAX antenna for the RUTX50:

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I think should be fine because is capable up to 5000 mhz

Anyway signal is improved from -60/70dbm to -38/40dbm and I thought is fine because if you use single antenna like the original is the same I think.

5G / 4G / 3G Antenna - 5G - Interno o esterno - 698-5000 MHz - Guadagno: 6 dB - 2.50 m - Bianco

I also put the SMA in this way

Great to hear!
In that case, these antennas can also be used. I should also note, that other signal parameters are also important when determining connection quality, maily the RSRP (should be above -100dBm) and SINR.

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Ohh yes i know. I think better then this i cant do :sweat_smile:

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