RUTX50 maxing out at 300 Mbps Download/150 Mbps Upload


I’m experiencing lower-than-expected internet speeds with my RUTX50 router. Despite the device’s advertised capability of “up to” 3 Gbps, I am only able to achieve 300 Mbps download and 150 Mbps upload speeds. Here are the steps I’ve already taken to troubleshoot and optimize performance:

  • Updated to the latest firmware (version 07.06.3).
  • Conducted speed tests at various times to discount network congestion.
  • Implemented a TTL increment in the firewall settings.
  • Enabled software offloading.
  • Enabled both software and hardware offloading.
  • Attempted to blacklist individual and multiple bands.
  • Switched to a different cellular tower to test for location-based issues.
  • Tried a different network operator using a friend’s SIM card to rule out carrier-specific limitations.
  • Connected directly via ethernet to rule out WiFi problems.
  • Tried different antenna orientations. Having each antenna separated at least 45 degrees from the others seemed to produce the strongest signal.

Despite these efforts, I haven’t been able to surpass the aforementioned speeds. I’m reaching out for any advice, tips, or settings adjustments that might help me achieve better performance with my RUTX50. Any insights or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

I’m no expert and based on my own observations only.

When i get a band that connects at a bandwidth of less than 15MHz my download speed suffers even when i have other bands inc 5G connected at much higher frequencies.

I resolved the issue by banning the offending bands. I would try banning the bands LTE B1 and B20, see if it makes a difference. Don’t ban ALL bands except the ones you want, just ban the offending bands.

My RUTX50 on 4G on 4CA measures 350/135 Mbps. When I tested it at a location that has an N78, it measured up to 1 Gbps, so I think the device is fine.

You have to try a lot to eliminate a possible problem.
Test the SIM card from RUTX50 in a 5G mobile phone and see what speeds it achieves. Try setting only 4G network in RUTX50. Maybe your ISP limits speeds. Maybe the base station is congested.

Make sure you have the latest modem firmware

Otherwise, your signal is great

Today I saw 450 Mbps for a few seconds, then it went down to 300 Mbps. I think the ISP is throttling.

Easily possible

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