RUTX50 Max wifi speed

Hi all,

Could really use some help.
When using a Wifi passthrough / client to LAN the speeds cap at 300mb/s all the time. Upgraded the firmware to the latest available. Even using the Wifi tot Wifi is caps at 90mb/s
I tried with 5ghz and combined. No difference.
Antenna is a Poynting 3-17 v2.

Without going trough the RUTX50 I get 700 mb/s

Any suggestions are highly welcome.

What speed do you get when connecting a laptop or a desktop to the router via an Ethernet cable?

I’m assuming this is a young smartphone using the same SIM connecting directly to a mobile service?

Whereas, the speed you get connecting the same smartphone to the router (any router) via WiFi will be less, this is normal.

My older cheap smartphone only gets 20Mb/s at best when doing a speed test via my WiFi connection to a RUTX50, but my Ethernet connected devices get a great deal more at between 260Mb/s and 320Mb/s (Given the distance i am from my nearest mast at 4.3km and what i’m paying for the SIM, i’m happy).

If this is for a motorhome / camper, i’d run a waterproof Ethernet cable down into a gigabit Ethernet switch and connect the tv etc to the switch via cables.

The set-up i’m going for now is:
Picking up a wifi signal → passing it trough the rut (because of the good antenna) → to a laptop. The RUT is directly connected with with an ethernet cable to my laptop.

It’s for a remote office where I need to get wifi from clients inside a Van. And as fallback using the 5G/mobile solution.

Issue is when using the normal wifi of the Laptop i’m getting easy 700 to 900mb/s up and down speeds. Trough the rut it looks like it’s capping straight at 300mb/s.

What do you mean by “normal WiFi of the laptop”? Is there a secondary internet service? If so what is it?

Are you connecting a laptop to the RUT via an Ethernet cable whilst the RUT is connected to a another WiFi access point that is itself connected to the internet via some other service such as a landline or fibre connected service?

Are you comparing this with a Mobile connection via the RUT… Laptop to the RUT via an Ethernet cable, then out via its own Mobile service. Login to router, connect it to your mobile service, disconnect from secondary WiFi and go to Status > Network > Mobile, what have you got? (Mask out the IMSi and ICCID data if you post a screenshot).

I’m guessing that you have a building with a car park. The building (Office) has an internet connection, LAN and WiFi connected devices.

You have a vehicle with a RUT providing a WiFi access point and a LAN.

Out on the road people with the vehicle are using a Mobile broadband service provided by the RUT.

When the vehicle returns to the office and is parked on the car park you are connecting the RUT to the office WiFI. RUT WiFi Client to Office WiFi Server

Are you comparing the difference between the WiFi connection via the Rut to the office WiFi opposed to a more direct WiFi connection directly from the Laptop to the office WiFi. Laptop WiFi Client to Office WiFi Server.

If so, i think the “RUT WiFi Client to Office WiFi Server” is the slower bottleneck, it may be possible to change the channel number that the “RUT WiFi Client to Office WiFi Server” is operating on to increase speed. Someone else will have to offer guidance with that.

There is indeed allready an internet WIFI network available (fiber connected internet).
I connect to that wifi signal with the RUT and route it trough an Ethernet cable to my laptop.

I do not use any Mobile service at this point. As this is completely irrelevant in this case.

At the moment i’m just trying to get the most of this set-up so using my home internet connection. Could it be the RUT is capped at 300mb/s output?

To simply say the RUT is capped at 300Mb/s on its own, i think, is wrong because it’s capable of far more than that if it’s connected in a different way. It may be that it’s capped at 300Mb/s by default when the RUT is connected to another WiFi access Point

My money is on a speed restriction over the WiFi connection between the RUT and your Home Router, somehow changing the channel number over which the two communicate may increase the speed, but this is for someone else to help you with.

Thanks for joining in, i’ll test the suggestion.

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