RUTX50 LAN Issue

We connect our site printers to the LAN port of the RUTX50 routers. When the printers wake from standby mode they cannot connect to the internet for around 10-15 seconds. This causes frustration as users are trying to print/scan from the cloud app on the device so cant login.

We have tested this setup using different Manufactures routers and also a Teltonika RUTX09 and cannot replicate this. It only happens with RUTX50 devices.

We have reset a RUTX50 to factory defaults and all routers are running the latest firmware.


You mention that the issue is not present when using RUTX09. Could you please provide more details about what is different in terms of how these two devices are configured and set up?

Are both devices using mobile connection? Are there any failovers configured? What are the firmware versions of these devices?

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Both devices set to default with no configuration.

WAN’s are both the same (FTTC).

They are both on their latest available firmware.

This is only an issue when the copier wakes from standby where the connection is not immediately available.


Is FTTC the only WAN source? Are WAN and LAN on different subnets?

Please connect the printer, wait for approximately 30-60 seconds, and then access the WebUI of the RUTX50. From WebUI, ‘View’ System logs in System → Administration → Troubleshoot page. Please make sure to include the logs generated from the moment the printer was powered on.

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Hi yes we tested consistently with only WAN being FTTC.

We have done further testing and found that the latest RUTX50 firmware has the network delay when waking from sleep but if we downgrade to the oldest firmware available this works great with no delays on wakeup.

This is the same with the RUTX09 where the latest firmware causes a delay when waking from sleep but older versions do not.

I have directly emailed you logs as requested for both RUTX50 firmware versions as I am unable to upload here.



Thank you for the testing. Would it be possible for you to tell me where did you send those logs exactly?

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Replied to your message in email. Replied back to say this email was not monitored.

I would upload if I were allowed to :slight_smile:


Due to public nature of this forum, there is no way for us to share files privately. Thus, you cannot send me any files. For this, you would need to contact your designated sales manager or the reseller from whom you have purchased the device.

Since we cannot exchange files, it would be great if you could share some of the System logs from the moment when the printer was powered on, as I have mentioned previously. Make sure you hide/blur any sensitive information like public IP addresses, serial numbers, etc, before sharing these logs. It may or may not provide enough insight into the issue, but this would be the first step.

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Further testing we can confirm that the latest firmware that does not experience this issue is RUTX_R_00.07.03.4

Can you list all bug fixes etc between the 2 firmware versions below so we can consider downgrading whilst this is being investigated? and

Which logs do you want me to share?



The changelog is available on the ‘firmware downloads’ wiki page here.

For now, please share the system logs (system.log).

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I need a practical way to share the logs with you.

I cannot post the log file as it is too long and I am not sitting here working about how many lines I need to split the logs into to post as I do not have the time.


In this case, I suggest you contact your sales manages or the reseller from whom you have purchased the device. We also have a ‘contact us’ form here. With a direct channel, you will be able to share information and files in a secure manner. Also, this way we will be able to potentially arrange a remote session in the future if needed.

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