Rutx50 internal modem update

After i did server update today for the internal modem, i am not able to get internet on wifi or lan, but i do see that it is connected on mobile1, i was in the process of installing my new poynting xpol 24 antenna on the roof but no i am stuck with this problem, how can i rollback to previous ?


Could you check what firmware is currently installed on the internal modem of the RUTX50? This can be checked by navigating to the System → Firmware, and it should start with RG501QEU…

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Hello Daumantas
Thank you for the reply , i will attach picture with info about both update versions. It was very strange, i did upgrade the internal modem first before i upgrated the router to 04.4
Again thank you so much for the help.


Do you still have an option to update the modem? Since this is not the latest modem firmware, please try updating it if you are utilizing n28 band of 5G, as the previous modem firmware had issues with it.

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It says no updates available as i cannot connect to the internet fortunately i have my other Teltonika router rutx11. If you could point me to an url with that update i can download it and update it using file ?


It is not possible to download the update file. If the RUTX11 can provide the internet connectivity, could you plug it into the RUTX50 to check if you can install the update this way? The internet source does not necessarily have to be the modem connection on the RUTX50.

Okey i will give that a try connecting rutx11 to the rutx50 so that router will get internet and trynto see if it updates, wish me luck :slight_smile:

For some reason i cannot get to to get access to the internet trough the rutx50, i have changed the interface ip adress on the rutx11 to and the interface ip on the rutx50 is unchanged , but still i am not able to get it on the internet so i can search for updates, what am i doing wrong ?

If you could explane to me how i should go about connecting the rutx11 to the rutx50 so the rutx50 gets internet access and can search for updates for it self.
Thank you very much for the help!

I am not sure what i did , but i put the sim card back into the slot on the rutx50 and was able to get internet connection and sure enough update was available for the internal modem and i did and update and everythink is working now :slight_smile: could not be happier. Thank you very much for all your help Daumantas.

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if you could check if the router has all the available updates installed ?

Glad to hear that it’s working now!
And yes, both the modem and the router are on the latest firmware now.