RUTX50 Initial setup

Hi guys,

I’m a UK user and have the following hardware;

Teltonika RUTX50 Router
Poynting PUCK-7

I have some networking knowledge but not to the extent of Custom Rules or in depth settings. I wondered if somebody could help with the initial setup of the router to combat some of the issues I’ve read about on the forum?

Firstly, I have read conflicting reports about the connection of the antennas. Some users report that the router Mobile ports are paired (1&3 or 2&4) or linked in some way, another user reported that Teltonika state that all four antennas are the same - only that it prefers that the antennas are identical.

As it stands I have the Poynting antenna connected to Mobile ports 1&3 and the Teltonika paddles/rabbit ears to ports 2&4. Is this correct or should I configure differently? I am finding that the signal strength is similar just using the originally supplied 4 x rabbit ears which is frustrating. Does the RUTX50 have a setting to confirm the antenna type as I have not been able to find if so?

Secondly, after initial setup and test I had speeds of approx 350mbps down & 30mbps up. I have since not been able to get anywhere near that speed and although is not necessary for my requirements I’m puzzled as to why at first it could achieve but then never again. This leads me to my next question; can someone give basic instructions on how to prevent my ISP throttling the router? My GUI does not have the path Network → Firewall → Custom Rules and I also wouldn’t be confident of tinkering with the settings. Could someone suggest a method for beginners to overcome this?

I purchased the router on December 15th '23; would this necessarily mean that I have the latest firmware or updates to overcome some of the problems I have read about from earlier this year? Would it possible for someone to screen shot the most up to date / error free versions of their device?

Lastly, could anyone recommend or screenshot their basic settings for the SIM card setting and SIM switch configuration? I am intending to use the router in different locations so presume that locking to certain bands wouldn’t be advisable and what signal strength would be reasonable to set to switch SIM without needless interruptions?

Apologies if this is all rather basic stuff and if the points I’ve raised have been resolved. I’m very new to the router and would just like to try and start off on the right foot and utilise the router accordingly.


To get started.

Update the firmware, System > Firmware > Update Firmware

Update both firmwares, Device and Modem, different updates.

I don’t think you can stop your ISP from throttling the router, someone may disagree. However, as a new user myself, i have sometimes noticed a severe drop in speed and noticed that each time this happened i was connected to a specific band (B20 at only 5MHz with 5G N1). When connected to bands ((LTE B3 & 20MHz) with (5GN1 & 15MHz)) i’m a very happy chappy! After deselecting band B20 from the bands listed as available to me, i no longer suffer poor speeds… just a thought. There could be any number of other reasons why you are experiencing a sudden drop in speed too. I’m sure someone will help further.

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