RUTX50 free GPS tracking (with an Android phone if possible)?

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Is there a free solution to track GPS location of my RUTX50 installed in my campervan without having to purchase a RMS license, if possible with my Android phone ?

In another post, @rob_dj explained that we can use the Traccar platform to send the GPS data to, but as I don’t have any desktop computer, I want to track it with my Android phone for free. Is it possible with Traccar, or with another free solution ?

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Hervé from France :slight_smile:

Ruhavik - best app for real-time tracking your vehicle | GPS-Trace allows you to track one vehicle (Home / Domestic Use) for free via an app.

No idea how to set it up etc though.

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@akwe-xavante thanks for this information ! i will have a look at this app !

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