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Hi, have my device since yesterday. I put in my card, which has strong 5g signal at my static location with a smartphone. After setup wizard, I only get 4g with the router.
I have upgraded firmware to RUTX_R_00.07.06.3
The sim card has been registered to the new 1&1 network in Germany. The provider told me to set “Mobile Network Code” to 23

In router web-frontend Network Status Mobile shows:
Cell info:
Mobile country code 262
Mobile network code 03

no mattter if I chose auto APN or custom
Could I adjust somehow the MNC manually? the 03 seems to come from operator discovery, but I don’t see where to change it.
Or does it make no difference at all?
Thanks in advance for your help!

Take a look at Network Operators tab, there you can manually select in which operator to connect -RUTX50 Mobile - Teltonika Networks Wiki

Thank you for your help! This is what I did:

  • in Network > Mobile > Network Operators: On the right hand tab (yes there are two tabs) “Operator Lists” added a new list (here called “new instance”) gave it a name, added operator code 262 (meaning whole Germany) and another operator code 26223 which is a numeric string composed of MCC (here 262 for Germany) and MNC (here 23 for the Drillisch network); saved and applied the new list
  • in Network > Mobile > General; I enabled Operator settings (sliding the switch to the right), chose Whitelist as Mode and selected my new list that was created like I just explained. Then went back to:
  • Network > Mobile > Network Operators: Now the left hand tab, set operator selection mode to “manual”, left the operator code at “N/A” and the started the “scan for operators”

Result was: the scan process did not find my newl ist entry 26223 - the discovered Networks were the same as before.

Did I miss something?

You don’t need to create operator list, just select Manual operator mode ant put mcc and mnc in the operator field. Whitelists are for another purpose, you don’t need that.

What’s interesting that after operator scan, your desired operator wasn’t found. Are you sure that you have correct mcc and mnc number from operator?

Mobile network codes in ITU region 2xx (Europe) - Wikipedia by looking into this list, modem was connected to 1&1 operator (as you mentioned in issue description) and it’s Drillish, so maybe there is no problem here with connecting to operator?

Editing: oh, sorry, missing that this network is not discovered and you didn’t connect to it…

O2 Telefónica Germany - HB Radiofrequency by mnc you connected to O2 network which still doesn’t have 5G network publicly available, thats why you didn’t catch 5G network.

I think your analysis is exactly on the spot and gave me a much clearer view.
Drillisch and the launch of its 1&1 Network are pretty new players and some things might not be working with any setup right now but they want to reach an almost complete coverage during this year. I am a little disappointed but on the other hand quite confident to be able to have my 5g in a few months without changing anything. So far I’m fine 'cause 4g is not that bad.
Thanx a lot for your support. If I have news, I’ll come back…

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