RUTX50 catastrophic connection speed


now we make progress. I have now 5G ā€¦ here the screenshot

the speed is better ā€¦ but not really good

~ 28 Mbit download
~ 58 Mbit upload


In this case, it seems like the signal strength may be the main issue remaining. Please try placing the device near a window oriented towards the closest cell tower from your operator. Most cell towers are mapped on this page: Cellular Tower and Signal Map (Iā€™d suggest checking 4G towers, as they are often in the same location as the 5G ones, and are mapped much better).
Lastly, investing into a directional external antenna may also be a good option. More information and recommendations can be found here: Third-party Antennas - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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Daumantas G.

I have two external antennas ā€¦ and both are direct adjusted to the sender tower ā€¦ which I can see from my house

In the beginning I had over 120 MBIT ā€¦ and now much better than the last weeks ā€¦ with ~ 30 MBIT but not really perfect ā€¦ but of course this can be related as well to TELEKOM ā€¦ this is for me difficult to catch


Let us know if the Telekom team can find anything. Thank you.

ok TK answered ā€¦ all is ok with the sender ā€¦ maybe the bandwith but they will not change it ā€¦ which is obviously a business decision ā€¦ I do not know

In 4 month I will get fibre ā€¦ and then I hope I have never to use LTE ā€¦

Thanks for the moment and for the support

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