Rutx50 Band jumping with 5G enabled


It’s hard to say what could be causing the issue in this particular case, however, usually outside factors such as:

  • Cell tower load;
  • Weather conditions;
  • Maintenance / power-saving measures by the operator;

Could be playing a role here. If you feel comfortable using the command line, I’d recommend trying to lock the router to a particular cell. We’ve had a similar question here: RUTX50 - Locking 5G-NSA CA bands manually - #4 by Daumantas
Basically, cell lock will allow you to use a single cell as the primary (let’s say B3), while the secondary bands will also be utilized (band lock will not allow this). Once you have a stable connection, run the command described in this step and find out which PCC (primary) cell is providing the connection. Then lock to it as described in the linked forum post.
Let me know if this helps!

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