RUTX50 - Backup and restore with UCI commands

Hello everyone,

On the RUTX50 (with firmware), we got some issues about backup & restore configuration with UCI commands. Our purpose is to modify a backup configuration to prepare configurations for multiple devices.

With a configuration file named “config.txt”, the command “uci export > config.txt” is working.
To test the procedure, we changed one parameter in the file.

Then we’d like to import the new configuration on the device:

  • the command “uci import -f config.txt” isn’t working.
  • we tried the command “uci import < config.txt” and it seems ok (no error messages) but there’s no visible changes on the configuration itself (after a verification with “uci get” command).

Does anybody know how to fix that?
Thanks a lot!


You can achieve this in the CLI without using UCI commands:

To create a backup file on your RUTX50:

  1. Log in to it via SSH and execute the following command: sysupgrade -b /tmp/backup-file-name.tar.gz
  2. After creating the backup file, transfer it to your PC. Open a terminal on your PC and execute: scp root@ directory_on_PC (instead of use your RUT IP.)

To restore the backup configuration:

  1. Open a terminal on your PC and execute: scp backup-file-name.tar.gz root@ (instead of use your RUT IP.)

  2. Then SSH into your RUT and execute these commands:

  3. ls /tmp/backup-file-name.tar.gz

  4. sysupgrade -r /tmp/backup-file-name.tar.gz

  5. reboot

Please let me know if you have any further questions or require additional assistance. Additionally, if you specifically need a solution using UCI commands, kindly let me know the reason. Thank you!

Best Regards,