RUTX50 as failover for Draytek Router

I am after some help is someone can point me in the right direction. I have a Draytek 2952 with a Primary WAN connection which is all setup and working fine. I have an RUTX50 which I want to configure on WAN2 as a failover. The SIM I have has a static IP address which when using the RUTX50 as the router gets the correct IP address and gives me internet access. I have configured the RUTX50 as Bridge Mode and WAN2 of the Draytek as DHCP presuming I would get the static IP address of the SIM but I get a totally different IP address and no internet connection. I can’t ping anything either.

Am I configuring the RUTX50 wrongly to get the correct static IP address on WAN2 of the Draytek?

Many thanks

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