RUTX50 as DSL & SIM Router With Load Sharing?


I have an RUTX50 which when connecting to my house network in sim mode works great (all devices have internet access and can talk to each other but when I add my DSL line into the WAN port (PPPOE) I can see that it connects to my DSL provider and gets a public IP address but no devices on the network can get internet access when I put the RUTX50 into load sharing. It shows the SIM in standby mode?

I thought that both connections would be active and they would alternate to share the load?

Can anyone please advise?

My initial goal was to have 2 networks on the RUTX50 1 for DSL on a VLAN and another on a SIM VLAN simultaneously but I cannot find information for this, so presume it is not possible? If not, do you offer a device that can do that?

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If you want to route traffic through two separate WAN interfaces, load balancing isn’t the best approach. Instead, you’ll need to configure advanced static routes. Check out this similar post for more guidance: Routing device to SIM and rest of the network into standard WAN

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Many thanks for your response! I am attempting this now, Can I please be sure that this will meet my requirements?

RUTX50 LAN1 to 1 network card
RUTX50 LAN2 to another network card

1, DSL WAN SOURCE - LAN 192.168.0/24
2, SIM WAN SOURCE - LAN 192.168.8/24
3, Both will be active simultaneously?
4, I will be able to access both LANS from each other? (192.168.0/24 will be able to communicate with 192.168.8/24) and vica versa?

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Yes, both LANs/WANs should be active simultaneously. By default, LANs are in the same firewall zone, so communication between them will be possible without any setting adjustments.

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Thank you for your time, I think I have been overcomplicating things but also getting in a knot as almost all of the answers on these forums and google are for different Teltonika devices so some parts don’t exist or are different to what I see.

I Basically want to have the following situation

LAN Ports 1&2 to use DHCP for 192.168.0/24 using WAN Port DSL
LAN Ports 3&4 to use DHCP for 192.168.8/24 using Mobile SIM 1

I have created the VLANS

Bu how do I assign the DSL Wan Port to Ports 1&2 and the Mobile SIM 1 to Ports 3&4?


I found this but the menu’s options in each section are not available on my router?

I know it is for 2 sim networks but hoping it would allow me to work through


The solution you found should be fine for you. Just switch one mobile interface to a wired WAN interface, and don’t connect Wi-Fi to one LAN interface.

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As I stated this guide is for a different router (RTX11 I think) I am fudging my way through what looks similar to the guide as these sections don’t exist on the RUTX50. I am completely stuck now though as the next section in the guide is for Routing Rules under Routing which do not exist on the RUTX50, even searching for rules or routing in the webui does not help. How do I get to an RUTX50 equivalant of this section please?

  • Go to NetworkRoutingAdvanced Static RoutesRouting Rules For IPV4

Found it and almost working, one thing the guide does not cover is talking to each network?

I have 2 vlans

The cannot see each other (no ping) except I can ping (RUTX50 IP) from 192.168.2.*

How can I make the networks talk to each other please?

These are my firewall rules, I cannot understand why the two networks cannot communicate with each other unless there is another setting somewhere else preventing it?

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