RUTX50 and Starlink, no connection

I have a RUTX50 and a Starlink 12v setup. I can connect to the Starlink Dishy using the mobile app and cellular data, and there I can see, that the Dishy is online and stable with no dropouts.

I’m using a PoE Injector, and from this I am also running an ethernet cable into the WAN port of the RUTX50. But both WAN and WAN6 interfaces are DOWN despite being turned on.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


Most of the issues that we have seen with Starlink were related to bad wiring, bad PoE injectors, or the Starlink itself not having internet connectivity.
I’d recommend putting the Starlink dish into the Bypass mode, which will lease the address directly to the connected device. Then plug the dish directly into your PC and check if you have an IP address assigned that starts with If you do, then try plugging it into the RUTX50 and check if the IP address is leased then.
Additionally, Starlink app also has some rudimentary diagnostics. Could you post a screenshot from that page?

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As I stated in my first paragraph the Starlink is online for sure. No dropouts. No obstructions. All is good there.

The POE injector could of course be bad, but it IS delivering power for the Starlink to be online, so if it’s bad, it must be at the ethernet end. It could obviously also be the ethernet cable connecting the POE injector with the WAN port in the router. I will get a new cable today to test.

It is NOT possible to put the dish in bypass mode - this is something you would do with the original Starlink router. But in a 12v setup you are not using the original router.u can not put the dish into bypass mode.

I can post screenshots from the diagnostics page but that’s simply telling you that it’s online but router can’t be accessed. Basically underlining my issue.

I believe the issue here is somewhere between the POE injector and the router. I’ve had it all working for months until a few days ago. I am hunting some settings for WAN / WAN6 ports, that might do a difference. Not sure.


If the issue occurred randomly, without making any changes on the router or updating the firmware, it is unlikely that any of the router settings will help. WAN and WAN6 share the same same physical interface - eth1 (the WAN port).
The issue could also be with the data wire pairs going to the dish, so I wouldn’t rule that cable out as well. Since Starlink consumes quite a bit of power, it could be that the cable going to the Starlink melted, causing an internal short-circuit between data and power lines.

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It’s not randomly. It was working for a few months. Now it’s not working at all. Meanwhile I have made a reset of the RUTX50 on my way to finding and fixing, but that didn’t help. But because I’ve made a reset, I wanted to see, if there were any crucial settings that I need to make for WAN / WAN6.

Anyway, getting a new cable later today and attaching that directly to the computer will tell, if the POE injector works or not.

I’ll get back here

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