RUTX50 5G connection dropout (att. AndzejJ) Cont

It surprises me that after so many complaints this issue with the 3 blinking led still is not resolved. It drives me mad.
Latest firmware installed and again frequent total blackouts.


Could you please share the firmware version that you have installed?

How often does the issue occur? Have you noticed any patterns to it?

Have you tried reflashing the firmware via the bootloader procedure? You can find detailed instructions here. You will need to upload the firmware to You can download the latest firmware from our wiki here.

It seems that the bootloader procedure helped some users with this issue. Thus, please try this option.

In case the issue persists, then:
When the issue happens again, access the WebUI and download a troubleshoot file from System → Maintenance → Troubleshoot without rebooting the device.

If WebUI is not accessible, could you try accessing the device via CLI/SSH (username ‘root’) and executing the following command:


This command will show system logs. Please, copy the system logs that were generated around the time when the issue occured and share them here.

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I don’t see a pattern. This mode happens randomly for no clear reason. The firmware I am using is the latest: RUTX_R_00.07.06.3

I will upload the log file but I have to wait for the next event before it contains some useful info.


Since in your case the device can work fine for weeks, perhaps you can reflash the firmware by following the bootloader procedure first?

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One question. If I use the bootloader menu and upgrade the firmware, do I lose all my other settings? In other words does it go back all the way to factory settings?