RUTX14 forcing 4G LTE aggregation

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I have tripple aggregation (b20+b3+b3) with speeds up to 85mbit/s with four antennas that came with the router. However,it will randomly drop to a single b20 band,where i have no speed. And then,if i go to the settings,remove b20 band,leave only b3,add b20 again,the tripple aggregation will show up again. So,we have bugs and we have to “trigger” the aggregation by changing settings every once a while. That is bad.
So, in the situations like this i might need to lock to those certain 3 cells. How i do that?

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The internal modem usually “settles in” onto the band that can provide the most stable connection. As the signal parameters are quite bad for B3, this makes sense. This sometimes means sacrificing some speed.
Either way, there is no definitive way to “force” carrier aggregation, however, we do have a guide for cell locking: Locking Devices to a Mobile Cell - Teltonika Networks Wiki
If you lock the device onto the band 3 that the router is connected to in a screenshot, it should keep aggregating the bands. Please keep in mind the notes in the article.
If you are not willing to dig into the CLI, band locking ( Band Lock - Teltonika Networks Wiki ) is another alternative, but it will sacrifice some speed, as you would need to remove the B20 completely.

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Hi, thanks for the answer. I am already into cell locking,i know how to do it. Just need one more asnwer. :slight_smile: Please let me know if it’s possible to lock the router to 2 or 3 bands,all at once? By a single command? And what’s the command? Thanks!


No, cell locking only applies to the primary band. This is the same (as far as I’m aware) for all LTE/5G modems, as the secondary bands can only be controlled by band locking.

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I have locked it to that one b3 band with best signal, and i get triple aggregation. The overall speed improved a lot after i added two external yagi antennas,combined with the two omni antennas that came with your ruter. Actually the speed exploded. I am satisfied, thanks.

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