RUTX12 & TAP200 - 0% signal?


I was wondering if anyone had a solution to this:

I’ve got a RUTX12 and just bought a TAP200 to boost the WIFI signal of my network around a venue.

I just want 1 network (same SSID) that all my devices can connect to, but have an access point to ensure I don’t have any dead spots etc.

The problem i’m facing is I can’t have both devices broadcasting simultaneously? I either have the RUTX12 at 80% signal and the TAP200 at 0%, or vice versa. I can’t have both showing solid signal strength?

Any suggestions to get both broadcasting?



The signal appears when at least one device is connected to either your RUTX12 or TAP200. Otherwise, it shows as 0. Could you please share screenshots of both devices’ Network → Wireless → SSIDs pages? This will help me understand your situation better.

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It looks like both are now up and running, with atleast 1 client to each device (RUTX12 & TAP200). If I encounter the same situation again i’ll swing back! thanks!