RUTX12 Sim Switch


I know that on this router the sim switching is not so important because both modem are always connected but sometime in some cases we need to switch between two sim due to the traffic limit.

I tried to find some solution but i think the only way is to set sim switch with traffic limit but on RUTX12 i cant find the option.

So it is possible in future have this function available?


Yes, RUTX12 currently does not support SIM switching. However, the team is aware that this feature can be beneficial in some scenarios. There are plans to bring this functionality to RUTX12 devices in the future. However, it is currently unknown when this feature will be implemented.

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Nice to know that was in future plan

Thanks :blush:

Can you tell me if i understand right about the internal modem of the RUTX12 version EG06-E

Is not capable to do aggregation of BAND 1 and 3 together? But i see that is capable to do for example B3 + B3 or B1 + B1, right? If yes i didn’t understand how to do it, can you explain please?

If all of this is not possible, the modem of RUTX14 for Euro country should be EG12-EA and will be capable to do it (B1+B3)? Thanks

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