RUTX12 settings external antenna?

Odido (4g) customer in the Netherlands. When connected (LTE) using the short antennas that came with the RUTX12, I get speeds (download) around 100mbps. When I connect my Poynting Omni 403 external antennas, I get speeds up to 50 mbps, using the same Odido transmitting tower. Antenna values (db) are all excellent. Any clues?


The antennas that come with your router are chosen to work very well with our devices. This could be the case in this situation, that Omni 403 is not that compatible with our devices. Also, have you connected your Omni 403 to both the main and aux connections on the router? The RUTX12 can utilize carrier aggregation, and for this feature, both antennas are needed.

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