RUTX12. How to accept all forwarded LAN traffic and allow access to the internet?

I have a RUTX12 (RUTX_R_00.07.05.4) and a Mikrotik switch connected to it.
How may I configure RUTX12 to accept all subnets that are configured on the Mikrotik and allow them to get access to the internet?
Could someone help me with this?


For me to assist you better on this, can you share with us a topology containing the devices and subnets? I am also requesting this to recreate your case locally. Looking forward for your response.



As per topology above, I tried to recreate your network by putting a RUTX12-2 as a Mikrotik Switch. I configured multiple VLANs to have different subnets. RUTX12-1 would be providing Internet to RUTX12-2. When connecting to the end PCs, they are able to connect to the Internet without any further configuration.

Let me know your results!


Thank you for responding to my post.
While the issue is resolved.

After I’m done factory reset of RUTX12, for some reason the error that prevented the creation of new VLANs disappeared. It was precisely because of this error that I tried to set up a direct connection to Mikrotik, and already on it to create other networks. I wanted to redirect these new networks to RUTX12. And it, in turn, not “knowing” about them, did not serve and did not give access to the Internet.

But as the error of creating new VLANs disappeared, I created new subinterfaces on the required interface in the required VLANs, which act as gateways for networks. Therefore, the question is not relevant yet.

Thank you all.

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