RUTX12 - External antennas to improve wifi AP range?


Sorry if the topic is trivial but I have not find my answers searching in the forum and do not know much about that.

I have a RUTX12 on my RV, with 2 LTE external antennas and the antennas it came with for wifi, bluetooth and gps.
I sometime use my router as an AP to connect to remote wifi and STA to connect my devices at the same time. It is working great.
But how to improve “AP wifi reception” when I am in isolated locations ? Should I buy external antennas ? If yes, do I need two identical antennas or two with different specifications ? Should I have one external and one internal ?
Also, are there configuration in the router that could improve “AP wifi reception” ?

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If I understand correctly, You want to improve the reception of the AP functionality (connecting Your phone to router’s transmitted SSID) of Your RUTX12 router.

Here are a few tips that could help You achieve that:

  1. Make sure to avoid any physical obstructions, such as trees, walls, etc. as they will weaken the Wi-Fi signal

  2. Switch to 2.4GHz frequency - this will only broadcast and will let clients connect to a 2.4GHz frequency which has lower speed but a higher range. This will give a benefit of not reconnecting to a 5GHz frequency every time You are close to the router. You can do this by:

Connecting to WebUI, then pressing on Network → Wireless → SSIDs and edit on an SSID that You are using and disabling 5GHz frequency

  1. Screw in 2 Wi-Fi antennas that were in the package of the device if they aren’t already screwed in. These antennas are omnidirectional, so You don’t need to worry as to which side they should be pointing.

Other than that, You could try using some third-party directional antennas. More about how they work and what parameters they should have, You can find in this webpage:

If You go through this route, keep in mind that our devices support MIMO (Multi Input Multi Output), so You should buy 2 identical antennas for compatibility with this technology.

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Thank you Julius for your answer.

I realized with your answer that I was mistaken about the terminology.

My question was in fact, how to improve STA (the ability to connect to another wifi router) when the router is on a vehicle ? I am thinking that outdoor antennas, mounted on the roof of my truck would have a better reception that the indoor antennas sold with the router, right ?

Regarding third party antennas, does Teltonika has brand/model recommandations ?

Hello, Lucien,

Sorry for misunderstanding the question. Yes, You are right about outdoor antennas. Wireless reception can be tricky, as the receiving part of an antenna can only be improved by the RF sensitivity of the receiver, the important part is the positioning of an antenna and obstacles between it and the source. Directional antennas could be good for receiving WiFi, but would be really bad for providing received WiFi wirelessly for the devices in the RV, and You would need to point the antenna in the direction of the access point.

We could suggest a combo omnidirectional antenna, but depending on the RV and the antenna’s size, these might not be suitable, but it is IP65 rated for dust and water resistance (excluding cable outlet).

If this antenna is not to Your liking, You can use third-party antennas (like poynting or quwireless), but they must meet a few requirements to be compatible with our device, you can see them in this page:

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