RUTX12 Dual SIM passthrough to external fortigate firewall

Hi all,

I have a specific requirement that involves configuring my Teltonika RUTX12 to pass through connections from both SIM cards to external FortiGate device. My FortiGate device has two WAN ports, and I aim to utilize SIM card 1 as WAN1 and SIM card 2 as WAN2 in the FortiGate configuration.

I am seeking guidance on how to achieve this setup, effectively bypassing the RUTX12 and directly utilizing the FortiGate’s dual WAN capabilities. My ultimate goal is to have a seamless connection redundancy and load balancing mechanism between the two WANs provided by the SIM cards.

If anyone has experience with a similar setup or can provide step-by-step instructions or configuration guidelines, I would be extremely thankful for your assistance. Any tips, best practices, or caveats related to this configuration would also be greatly appreciated.



We have an article on specifically this use case

HI Paulius,

Thanks. I went through this article before. this is not what I wanted. I need to do full sim pass through to Fortigate firewall.

The method in the link create additional NAT. I need to offload all L3 features to Fortigate and make the RUTX12 dumb modem


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