RUTX12 and Starlink

I have a RUTX12 which is currently using one of the 4g interfaces to provide the internet. We have successfully configured 2 VLAN,s. The RUTX12 is on a boat so we use 1 VLAN to connect 3 pieces of Raymarine kit to the other switch on the Raymarine network, these use ports 1,2 and 3. We have left port 4 and the wan port alone. I now have Starlink and want to connect it to the RUTX12 Wan port (we actually have a conversion kit so we poe the dishy with 48volts and then simply connect the lan output socket on the adaptor to the WAN port of the RUTX12, 耀晟 | YAOSHENG - Network equipment ) The RUTX12 says the WAN port is down, regardless of what we try, we dont get an IP address from the Starlink Dishy. We have connected the Starlink setup to a 12v simple wifi ap router and it worked fine so the Starlink kit seems ok. Any help on configuration would be greatly apreciated.

I have a similar setup and I used the app to put the Starlink into Bypass mode and put the RUT interface into DHCP mode. Note that turning on Bypass does turn off the Starlinks wifi.

Thanks for that but ive already done both. My wan interface says Status, Down


Could you clarify if you receive an IP address if you plug the dishy with PoE adapter directly into your PC or the third-party AP?
Interface status Down most likely indicates, that there is L1 connection issue, or no DHCP lease is received from the dishy. Additionally, could you clarify if any VLANs are configured on the WAN interface? Or is it on the default VLAN2?
Could you try plugging in an L2 switch in between the RUTX12 and the Starlink dish to check if anything changes?

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Thanks we untaged the WAN in VLAN2 and the WAN interface came up. Thanks

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