RUTX11: Where is overview of devices at LAN ports?

I have Firmware RUTX_R_00.07.04.5 and would like to know where in the Teltonika webUI I will be able to see an overview of the devices (IP and mac address) connected to the LAN ports of the router (incl. LAN port no.).

The wireless devices are shown, but the LAN port devices not (or I am blind…)

Maybe someone can help me? Thanks upfront!

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When devices are connected to the router the connected device either by the ethernet ports or Wi-Fi connections they are listed Status>Network> Lan under DHCP leases. RUTX11 has 4 physical ports, but only 3 of them (LAN1, LAN2, and LAN3) belong to LAN, port number 4 is WAN. The LAN network (ports LAN1, LAN2, and LAN3) is bridged with the Wi-Fi network by default.

If you cannot see devices in the specified area, you could try clearing the browser cookies and try again. I would also recommend trying a different browser.

I am attaching a screenshot that shows a RUTX11 connected device the device with Redmi-12C is connected through wireless and the RUT200 is connected through the wired interface.

Another option is using the CLI and for this, you will use the following command ip -4 neigh. This will list devices and the status of the connection. I am also attaching a screenshot of the command.

From the web UI you will be able to see DHCP leases rather than active connected devices meaning that even after the devices disconnect from the Router, they will still be there until the DHCP leases expire which is around 12 hours. For more accurate updates you can change the lease time to maybe 1 hour 30 min or so. But for the CLI command,

it will show the leases but give the status of whether the device is connected or disconnected.

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