RUTX11 TravelMate Question

I am trying to use the TravelMate package to login to a campsite wifi intended as the primary wan connection. I have another wan connection using LTE/5G configured. I’ve scanned and added the campsite wifi as client and activated the redirection for this connection in advanced settings. I’ve also moved the campsite wifi to the top of the wan connection list. There is also a Wifi for my client devices.

Now I connect my android mobile phone (Google Pixel 6 Pro on Android 14) to my wifi. Without the campsite wifi it will connect and use the lte/5g for internet access. With the campsite wifi on top of the wan list it will tell me that I need to authenticate using the web browser and show the login page of the campsite wifi. That’s what TravelMate is supposed to do, I think.

But I can’t use the campsite webpage because it vanishes after a few seconds on the mobile phone again. I suspect that is because android thinks there is already an internet connection as the router seems to provide internet by lte/5g and TravelMate doesn’t bypass that somehow.

How is this supposed to work? Do I need to disable the lte/5g connection to be able to use TravelMate? Is this an Android 14/Pixel issue?


I may not be deeply familiar with the inner workings of TravelMate, but your theory about connecting to mobile as the path of least resistance seems plausible.

To address this issue, you can try enabling Failover services. This setup would treat WiFi (TravelMate) as the main WAN source and keep the mobile connection as a standby option. This could potentially resolve your problem.

For more information on setting up failover for RUTX11, you can refer to this link: RUTX11 Failover Setup Guide

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