RUTX11 sim1 not working.

Firmware RUTX_R_00.07.04.5

Got two sim cards in it.
But only sim2 is used.

I tried to replace them - sim2 working, no mater what sim card in it (from the sim1 slot).
But sim1 not working.

Disabled Failover - no result.
Try to execute via cli “/usr/bin/sim_switch sim1” - no result.

Both sim cards are good and working - checked.


I would like to know more about your testing proccess.

When you set SIM 1 as the default sim in Network → Mobile → General, and then navigate to Status → Overview section, does the system detect the SIM card, or does it indicate that the card is not inserted? Similarly, what happens when you set the default SIM to 2? Does it successfully detect the SIM card?

If one of the slots detects the SIM card while the other does not, it may be due to a physical issue. I recommend inspecting the SIM slot first. If you don’t find any visible issues, and assuming the device is still under warranty, I would recommend reaching out to your designated sales manager or the reseller from whom you have purchased the device to initiate an RMA procedure.

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this worked. SIM1 now is active. But could you guide me on how to set it up to see that both sim are available online at WEB UI (RMS & Local WEB)? 'Cause now I can see info about GSM only from one sim (active one that is set as default).


Just to be clear, even though RUTX11 has 2 SIM slots, only one SIM can be active at a time. This is because RUTX11 has only one LTE module. SIM switching is used to switch to different SIM cards on specific conditions. For example, when the data limit is reached on one of the SIM cards or when there is no connectivity. If you absolutely need both SIM cards to be active at the same time, then you can take a look at RUTX12. RUTX12 is the only device in our portfolio currently that has dual LTE modules. This means that this device can have both SIM cards active at the same time. This would allow you, for example, to configure load balancing between two SIM cards.

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Thanks for your reply!

As there was two SIM - I thought they are independents and may work both at same time (Also after looking at possibility of set load balance at WEB UI).
Now, I understand that these opportunities are available only with RUTX12, including load balancing with two SIM onboard.

Good day to you!

Maybe you could also to help me with another question I need to resolve?

I want to configure weekly SIM switching, based on how long the currently active SIM was online. - found “Mobile connection uptime” :slight_smile:
Is there any universal console command to switch SIM to another without specifying directly SIM number?
The “/usr/bin/sim_switch sim1” command just sticking, on my view and do nothing :frowning:
Is there a possibility to create in RMS auto action based on active SIM uptime?
I found only RX&TX day|week|month preconfigured conditions from the list that are near my needs. But they are concentrate to data transfer counts, not SIM uptime.

Now I wrote one line command to try use it via Task Manager in RMS, and it seems like working with SIM switching from console.

if [[ `uci get simcard.cfg01aa0e.primary` -eq 0 ]] ; then uci set simcard.cfg02aa0e.primary=0 && uci set simcard.cfg01aa0e.primary=1  && echo "SIM1 set to primary" && uci commit && reload_config ; else uci set simcard.cfg01aa0e.primary=0 && uci set simcard.cfg02aa0e.primary=1  && echo "SIM2 set to primary" && uci commit && reload_config  ; fi

But, maybe, there is more “right” way to achieve my target?


The uci commands are fine. You can also consider ubus commands like these:

# swap SIM
ubus call sim change
# query current SIM
ubus call sim get

If you want to swap between SIM cards periodically, you can add these commands to crontabs. This way, the device will swap SIM cards at specified times. You can also write a script that would check the uptime of the SIM (mobile interface) and swap based on that. However, if there are some issues or changes that restart the mobile interface, the uptime will be reset.

You can check the uptime of the mobile interface with the following command:

ubus call network.interface.mob1s1a1 status | jsonfilter -e @.uptime

You can find examples of scripts on this forum.

Also, you can use RMS alerts & automations. For example, create a task via task manager that would swap the SIM. Then, create an alert where you set the mobile uptime as the condition and the task as the action.

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Thank you for help.

I will take a look at the SIM uptime with your command and decide what to use in my situation.
If SIM uptime will remain stable - will use RMS automation, in another case - crontab.

Good day to you :slight_smile: !

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