RUTX11 show device real mac address in arp table


I am wondering why teltonika show device mac address in console even I am not able to ping device in console. Router firmware version is RUTX_R_00.07.06.10. Is this bug or does this work correctly?

I used arp -a command to check arp table

Hi lm1234,

if the device is configured not to answer to pings (ICMP_ECHO_REQUEST)
the you’ll see its MAC but do not get an ICMP_ECHO_REPLY. Windows boxes
are usually configured this way which is often kind of a pain if you want to
check whether they are up.

Timelapse Admin


As @timelapsesystems mentioned, the device may be configured not to respond to ping. However, there could be other reasons why the entry is in the ARP table but not pingable. Typically, an entry in the ARP table may be saved for up to 10 minutes in regular cases. To ensure the device is connected, please go to Status → Network → Topology and scan the LAN network. This will check if the device is connected to your router. If it is not connected, please check the physical connection (cable).

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I did scan the LAN and it did not send output of the devices in LAN network. I checked that in physically everything should be fine because I am able to RDP to Windows desktop locally with ethernet cable. I was thinking that the issue could be in windows firewall side?


This might be a firewall issue. What device are you trying to connect to the RUTX11? Could you show me how the ARP table entry looks for that device?

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