RUTX11 Relayd to bridge ethernet devices onto starlink

Hello, first post here. I have an RUTX11, and recently got starlink. I have a bunch of services configured, and several devices connected via wired LAN ports which don’t have wifi. Starlink is not located where I can easily wire it via the ethernet adapter to the RUTX, so I need to connect to it wirelessly… For simplicity, most of our wireless devices I’ve simply switched to connect directly to starlink.

Using the article on setting up Relayd, I have it setup to relay the wireless wan to lan, and that seems to work. RUTX is joined to starlink as a client, and both the LAN IP and WAN IP are within the high end of the statrlink subnet. DHCP is being issued correctly to these devices by starlink. And the devices behind have internet access via starlink. However, devices on the RUTX can see one another, they can’t seem to see devices on the starlink wifi… And devices on starlink can see one another, but not anything behind RUTX… The devices on starlink side CAN see RUTX via it’s WAN IP. (I have enabled remote web admin via wan address on the RUTX).

Is there anything I can do to allow communication across the boundry? I’m getting “Connection refused” responses from devices when I try and traverse via the rutx, so assuming it’s some kind of firewall rule.

Additionally broadcast type services don’t seem to work (for example, I have a sonos speaker on the starlink side, and a service on an IOT device that usually talks to the sonos, which is connected to the rutx via ethernet, and it can’t see the sonos anymore after this setup).

Any suggestions or feedback are appreciated.



To troubleshoot communication barriers between devices connected to your RUTX11 and those connected to the Starlink network, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Check Firewall Zones: Verify the firewall settings on your RUTX11 to ensure that traffic is allowed between different zones. You can refer to the documentation on firewall zones for guidance on configuring these settings.
  2. Configure Routing: Consider configuring routing between your RUTX11 and the Starlink. This may help establish proper communication between devices on both sides. You can find detailed information on how to set up routing on the RUTX11 here.

By examining firewall zones and configuring routing, you may be able to resolve the issues with device visibility and communication across the boundary.

If you have more questions or require assistance feel free to let me know.

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