RUTX11 powering options

Does anybody know what the input and output pinouts are used for on the 4 pin power supply for the RUTX11 as seen here:

I think we are having powering issues as I notice some units power led flash and the units get stuck in a booting loop. A quick wiggle of the 4 pin plug and the led goes solid and the RUTX11 powers up.
I’ve checked that the plug is inserted fully as it flashes and then a quick wiggle of it seems to fix the issue.
Any ideas?

Here you go

Yes, but what are the Input and output pins for?


I’d like to start by clarifying that DI/DO (Digital Input/Digital Output) functions are not related to powering up the device.

Digital input is designed for collecting data from various sensors and devices. For instance, in environmental monitoring, digital inputs can be employed to gather data from temperature sensors, humidity sensors, or motion detectors.

Digital output, on the other hand, is used to send digital signals to other devices or systems and can trigger alarms and notifications in response to specific events or conditions.

For additional information on RUTX11 input/output functionality and its capabilities, please refer to our wiki page: RUTX11 Input/Output - Teltonika Networks Wiki

Regarding your power-related issue, it’s unusual for the device to exhibit this behavior. To troubleshoot the problem, if possible, I would recommend trying a different power supply. It’s possible that the current one may be experiencing some issues. If trying a new power supply does not resolve the problem, I recommend considering the last-resort recovery option. This involves putting the router into bootloader menu state and attempting an update from there. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this here: Bootloader menu - Teltonika Networks Wiki

If the bootloader does not resolve the issue, please contact your supplier from whom you purchased the device and inquire about the possibility of an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization).

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The RUX11’s are being powered via a Timespace V400 12v supply. I’ve not got to the bottom of the issue yet but I’m wondering if there are any voltage regulators etc that are recommended to ensure that the RUTX11 is getting a good steady supply?


RUTX11 can be powered by a 9-50 VDC power supply unit (PSU).

If you decide not to use the standard 9 VDC wall adapter and want to power the device from a higher voltage (15-50 VDC), please make sure that you choose a power supply of high quality. Some power supplies can produce voltage peaks significantly higher than the declared output voltage, especially during connection and disconnection.

While the device is designed to accept input voltage of up to 50 VDC peaks, high voltage power supplies can harm the device. If you want to use high voltage power supplies it is recommended to also use additional safety equipment to suppress voltage peaks from the power supply.

You can find all information regarding powering the device on our wiki page : RUTX11 Powering Options - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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