RUTX11 passthrough

Hi, I’m trying to set up a Teltonika RUTX11 in passthrough mode with a Sophos XGS 136 behind but the firewall is not getting the public address as I was expecting. Has anyone set this up successfully in the past? I can get the WAN connection to work in NAT mode, but require the firewall to get a public IP in my scenario. Any help would be much appreciated.

Both devices are on the latest firmware and the interface of the firewall is set to DHCP.
It doesn’t make a difference if I enter the MAC address of the Sophos interface on the Teltonika or leave it blank.


Thanks for reaching us.

Could you provide more details on your topology?
Do you have any log records from the firewalls?
Kindly can you provide a screenshot of your configuration as well?


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