RUTX11 output pin does react properly


The digital output pin of the RUTX11 does not react properly when enabling it. When output is turned “off” the multi-meter consistently shows 0.025 V. When turned “on”, it shows 0.056 V. There is a consistent reaction triggering on and off, but it is tiny and does not reach the expected 24 V when on. According to the documentation it shall reach 8-30 VDC (assuming the Vin, in this case 24 VDC).


  • RUTX11 with firmware RUTX_R_00.07.06.5
  • 24V DC powering the RUTX11
  • 4 Pin power cable giving access to digital input and output (PR2FK20M)
  • Measuring with multi-meter
  • Digital input works fine and registers on/off (24V/0V)

This behaviour is the same for 3 RUTX11, whereas 1 of them is an EU version and 2 of them are US versions.

Can there be that an internal pull-up has not been activated for the output pin in the firmware?

Output Off:
RUTX11 off

Output On:
RUTX11 on


A similar question has already been asked here: I hope this helps you.

Additionally, you can refer to this Teltonika wiki page: for information on using open collector. Although the page is for RUT240, the RUTX11 operates similarly.

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Thanks for the reply, then it all makes sense.